Society of Inflammation Research (SIR)

Envisaged in August 2015 and registered in July 2017, SIR is a non-profit association that will strive to serve as a biomarker consortium at the national level to facilitate the interaction between clinicians and basic scientists related to Inflammation Research. The diverse background of the society members, including academicians, researchers, basic scientists, clinicians and specialists, policy makers, and scientific experts has helped in establishing a strong foothold for the society. The society strives to achieve the mission through publications, scientific meetings, educational activities, policy work, and offering awards and grants to researchers and students.


Inflammation is an immune response of the body to harmful external or internal stimuli. Chronic inflammation has been identified as a common link that runs through various clinical conditions/ diseases. Researchers from clinical and basic sciences, working in the field of inflammation, attended the 2-day scientific meet held in August 2015 at Bengaluru to initiate a crosstalk on role inflammation in non-communicable diseases. The meeting served as a platform for founding a national forum envisioned at strengthening the inflammation research in India.



This society is created as a scientific body constantly striving for knowledge advancement in the field of inflammation and to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To accentuate the knowledge and awareness as well as to share the progress on on-going research happening in the key areas.
  • To provide a platform for collaboration, facilitating innovation and supporting links between academia and industry.
  • To promote the interaction between clinical and basic scientists to collaborate and share their expertise for a common goal of understanding inflammatory disease/ conditions.
  • To conduct educational events and workshops to facilitate the sharing of expertise and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To promote academic activities through the voluntary help of institutions and researchers working in the field of inflammation.
  • To convene scientific meetings/seminars at periodic intervals at convenient places as decided upon by the Executive Committee/General Body Meeting.

To establish links with international societies/ associations related to inflammation.

Founding Executive Committee Members