• Abstract must be submitted through email to / or directly from website
  • Abstract should be marked for oral or poster presentation. Abstract received highest score after review will be considered for oral presentation by the organizer.
  • There will be best poster and best oral presentation award in this meeting and will be selected by expert in the meeting based on the scientific contents, presentation and answer to the questions raised by the reviewing experts.
  • Abstract must be typed single-space in English using Times New Roman font of size 11 and must fit inside the designated space and should not exceed 400 words
  • The maximum words permitted in the title are 25. Type body of the abstract in order of Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
  • Authors should be listed by First Name and Surname.
  • Do not include title, names and institutions name in the body of the abstract.
  • Name of the presenting author should be in bold.
  • Tables and graphs can be included and will be considered as 100 words each. Photographs/Images/other figures will not be accepted.
  • Please proofread the abstract carefully for grammatical and spelling errors. The spelling of names, the order of authors and institution name will appear as submitted.
  • Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Uncommon abbreviations must be put in parenthesis and proceeded by the full word the first time it appears in the text.
  • Abstract accepted for presentation (Oral/poster) will be published in the conference abstract book.
  • Recommended Poster size will be 4 feet X 4 feet (1.2 meter X 1.2 meter).
  • The presenting author must be a registered delegate for the conference.
  • Abstract must be submitted before 10th September 2022.
  • Abstract selected for oral presentation will be informed by email by 15th September 2022 or earlier.
  • Email id for Abstract Submission:
  • For registration to participate in SIRCON2022, please visit